JD Carroll Music
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Sugar, my dog
Mummers & Sighs
That Song
Way Back When
Hard to Believe
Dreamers Choice
Made My Tme
The Trade
When I First Saw You
I Guess I'll Never Know
Forever On My Mind
My Fathers Son, remix
"Scribbles in the Margins" w/Hank T.
No Angel
It Must Be Love
That Simple Act of Kindness
My Father's Son
I'm Lucky
Loving Her More
Christmas 1914
Heard About Me
Goodbye, goodbye
A Quite Remarkable Woman
A Couple of Lifetimes Ago
On & On & On
Dirty Hotel
My R is Up My A
I Can Make You Smile-short version
Loved You Too Soon
Ballad of He & She
Medley-Slick Rick/ Minority Male
Minority Male
Slick Rick
Welcome to the Real World
Entre Acte
I Can Tell
Medley-The Boarding House/Sweet Natalie
Sweet Natalie
The Boarding House
You Taught Me How to Fall
Summer of My Life
Don't You Wish
Having Heard All This Before
Brand New Lover
Traveling Salesman Blues
There's No Explaining Love
Maybe Someday
Angry Young Man
Times to Remember Times to Forget
Public Transit Romance
Sleepy Eyes
I Can Make you Smile