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Brand New Lover

Lyric Credits: J.D. Carroll
Music Credits: J.D. Carroll
Producer Credits: J.D. Carroll
Publisher Credits: J.D. Carroll
Performance Credits: Phil, Chuck, Danny, Kathy & Coreen
Label Credits: Creative Ventures Music
Short Song Description:
Confused fellow trying to explain to himself the reason his girl left him.
Long Song Description:
A rock and roll tune about a guy who can't understand why his girl left him, while all the reasons are very clear to the listeners. The song is driven by a Chuck Berry type guitar backing and a female chorus. There is a finger wagging bit of advise to t
Story Behind the Song:
I was trying to write an uptempo, fun lyric with a clever story. It all just fell together.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Breaking Up
Subject Matter 2:
Dysfunctional Relations
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
1970 - 1979
Brand New Lover
J.D. Carroll-Creative Ventures Music

My baby?s in the market for a Brand New Lover,
says she wants another
point of view.
I told her nothin?s missin? from my good kissin?,
all she could say was,
?I?m bored with you.?

So I left,
went off to learn what turns a woman on today.
They laughed
and you know what they all
had the nerve to say?

?You would if you could, but you can?t so don?t fake it.
Try a little harder and maybe you will make it, some day.?

I told her that I?d take for a months vacation,
change her location and her
c r a z y ideas.
She said she?d love to go but bought a one-way ticket,
I can take a hint
if you make it clear.


She said she had to leave
but gave no good reason.
She?s like the seasons
and she had to change.
I went to tell her once just how I was feeling,
all I know now is that I?m
feeling strange.

Last Chorus:
I tried to say all the things
I knew she would like to hear.
She sighed, gave a little smile and whispered in my ear,
?You would if you could, but you can?t , so don?t fake it.
Don?t try so hard and maybe you will make it, some day.?

?Don?t try so hard and maybe you will make it some day.?