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You Taught Me How to Fall

Lyric Credits: JD Carroll
Music Credits: JD Carroll
Producer Credits: JD Carroll
Publisher Credits: Creative Ventures Music, Inc.
Performance Credits: Coreen- vocals/The Usual Suspects
Label Credits: Creative Ventures Music, Inc.
Short Song Description:
A love song to a friend.
Long Song Description:
It is a love song about true friendship and dedication. Sort of a "You've Got a Friend" song.
Story Behind the Song:
This song is from "East Farewell" Coreen does a beautiful job on the song sung by Sweet Natalie on the album.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Pop-Easy Listening
Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal:
Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Subject Matter 2:
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
Similar Artist 1:
Carole King
Similar Artist 2:
Linda Ronstadt
2000 and later
You Taught Me How to Fall

ŠJ.D. Carroll
Creative Ventures Music

You Taught Me How to Fall,
but through it all
I never knew how hard it was to stand.

You took me by the hand,
helped me understand
and never asked for anything at all

But now my life is changing in many ways.
I found it's hard to have good friends nowadays.
So I think I'm lucky when I say
I've got one or two
and then there's you.

You caught me turning
just as I was learning
my life was my own.

You made me feel at home,
showed me how I'd grown
and listened to my music like it was your own.

And in some time, about a year or two,
we could sit down, just me and you.
And I'll sing you all of my songs
and show you something new
so you can sing them too.


So when it looks like all your problems have got you down.
You try to hide but you're much too easily found.
And you don't know exactly where you're bound
it's not the end
'cause I'll always be your friend.