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Medley-The Boarding House/Sweet Natalie

Lyric Credits: JD Carroll
Music Credits: JD Carroll
Producer Credits: JD Carroll
Publisher Credits: Creative Ventures Music,Inc.
Performance Credits: JD Carroll
Label Credits: Creative Ventures Music,Inc.
Short Song Description:
This is the way these two songs were supposed to be heard. As a medley.
Long Song Description:
See the descriptions of each individual song.
Story Behind the Song:
I intended this to be a medley from thne start. I had to break up the songs to fit the formats of the distribution.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Lead Vocal:
Mixed Vocals
The Boarding House/Sweet Natalie
ŠJ.D. Carroll
Creative Ventures Music

Mrs. Mallard ran a boarding house down by the Lake Shore Drive.
She'd reserve a place on the porch as soon as you'd arrive.
She never asked where you were going, or where you went
just as long as by Friday evening, you'd pay the rent.
The house was old and sentimental,
gingerbread, off-white.
The third floor ceiling paint was peeling and the doors didn't close real tight.
But there always was a fire burning and all the time heads were turning
when Natalie, Sweet Natalie,

Mr. Mallard passed away several years ago.
He had a sickness that stole his
quickness, but he never let anyone know.
Mrs. M. used to condemn him, he had a flask to befriend him,
and together they spent their evenings

Now, if you ever take a room in the house by
the Lake Shore Drive
just a few words should be heard to help you
There's no smoking in the beds, six o'clock
you'll be fed,
and one more thing, if you're a boarder,
you ought to not talk to her daughter..

Well, she was sweet (sweet),
sweet, (sweet),
sweet Natalie
She kissed the boys and treats them all bad-a-ly.

Sweet (sweet),
sweet (sweet),
sweet Natalie Mallard!

She's coy, oh boy, she employs
those moves, big blues,
but to you she's just
sweet (sweet),
sweet (sweet),
Sweet Natalie Mallard!

She went to school just to learn how to walk.
She went to school just to learn how to talk.
Now she's back, she's painted and tan
and she knows every rule about getting a man.

She's sweet (sweet),
sweet (sweet),
Sweet Natalie.
She kissed the boys
and she drives them all mad-a-ly,
sweet (sweet),
sweet (sweet),
Sweet Natalie Mallard!

She's lined, shined, quite refined.
She's mean, she's clean,
sometimes obscene.
She's sweet (sweet),
sweet (sweet),
Sweet Natalie Mallard!
One day a man came into her life.
He asked if she would be his wife.
She just laughed and turned away.
She said," I'll think about that some other day."

'Cause she's sweet (sweet),
sweet (sweet),
Sweet Natalie.

She kissed the boys
and she treats them all bad-a-ly.
She's sweet (sweet),
sweet (sweet),
Sweet Natalie Mallard ! !