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Christmas 1914

Lyric Credits: JD Carroll
Music Credits: JD Carroll
Producer Credits: JD Carroll
Publisher Credits: Creative Ventures Music, Inc.
Performance Credits: JD Carroll/ The Unusual Suspects
Label Credits: Creative Ventures Music, Inc.
Short Song Description:
A song about the 1914 Christmas Truce.
Long Song Description:
This song tells the tale of one of the many 1914 Christmas Truces that spontaneously took place on the battlefields of Belgium and France.
Story Behind the Song:
This is not your typical Christmas song. I was moved by the story of the events that happened back in 1914 at the beginning of the First World War. This was the last time anything like this happened, war kind of grew up after this. A sad but, fairly authentic account of a strange event in human history.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Mood 1:
1900 - 1920
Christmas 1914
©J. D. Carroll
Creative Ventures Music, Inc. ASCAP

Young Tommy Flynn lifted his rifle
and aimed it towards No-Man's Land.
He found it ironic the night before Christmas
he might kill another man.

Now No-Man's Land was only fifty yards wide
not much more than a football goal line.
When the cannons were still and the wind was just right
he'd hear Fritz call for his lost Fršuleins

Just six months ago he was in a London pub
wooing his own sweet Kathleen
Now he's stuck in a trench between Belgium and France.
No place for a boy of nineteen.
That's no place for a boy of nineteen.

The weather was cruel throughout that winter
but the day had dawned with a mist.
Tommy peered out over his trench
and was hit by the spirit of Christmas
Fritz had crawled out over top his rampart
but instead of holding his gun
He carried a small evergreen tree
with candles and sweet sugarplums.

Tommy looked around and thought to himself,
"Perhaps I should mow them all down."
He buried that thought as he looked down his line,
saw his fellows all singing along
Tommy stood up and climbed over the top
made his way to the small Christmas tree
Together that morning, they stopped the war
by all singing a song about peace.


By the end of the carol both sides were there
they shook hands and started to talk.
Small gifts were exchanged mostly chocolate and beer
then came a well worn football.
Some wanted a game but most were content
to just share in a kick-around.
At the end of the day both sides retired,
left the tree on the battleground.

When the generals found out what had occurred
They were looking for someone to blame.
"We can't run a war if the men are all singing
and playing some football game!"
"Never again! Never again!"
they screamed from behind their lines.
from their ch‚teau headquarters they passed the orders
"No one will fraternize!"


Young Tommy Flynn lifted his rifle
and aimed it towards No-Man's Land.