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Having Heard All This Before

Lyric Credits: JD Carroll
Music Credits: JD Carroll
Producer Credits: JD Carroll
Publisher Credits: Creative Ventures Music
Performance Credits: Creative Ventures Music
Label Credits: Creative Ventures Music
Short Song Description:
Everything that goes around, comes around again, sometime.
Long Song Description:
This is a muse on the inevitable repetition of history and life. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Only the names and times have been changed to get the innocent in trouble.
Story Behind the Song:
I noticed how the news was repeating itself. Same stories different days. Same troubles, different places. Same mistakes, we never seem to learn.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Subject Matter 2:
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
Similar Artist 1:
Bob Dylan
Similar Artist 2:
Dire Straits
2000 and later
Having Heard All This Before
©J.D. Carroll
Creative Ventures Music

Two ill-fated lovers are lost in each others arms.

The passing by glances do dances traced with alarm.

And when asked what it all meant to them

They said," Not much, we get it where we can."

And that sounded so very strange

To be hearing that again.

A boy growing up is looking for his cup of tea.

A girl that he's known is taking him home for free.

And when asked what happened to his fame

He said, ?Well I found I would have had to change my name."

There was no need to explain

Having Heard All this Before.

A girl's pretty dress impresses all of the men.

They're taking their makings and saving to marry a friend.

And when asked why they'd cut their hair

They said, ?Don?t you know directions come in pairs?"

And I felt as if I'd been there

At some time before.

An unmarried mother, another family less one.

She'd known him well and he said he'd help raise a son.

And when asked if they'd thought it through

They said, ?Well at the time it seemed like the right thing to do."

And I can't help but believe that that was true

Having Heard All This Before.