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Minority Male

Lyric Credits: JD Carroll
Music Credits: JD Carroll
Producer Credits: JD Carroll
Publisher Credits: Creative Ventures Music, Inc.
Performance Credits: JD Carroll
Label Credits: Creative Ventures Music, Inc.
Short Song Description:
A racial observation.
Long Song Description:
This is from the second side of East Farewell. It is a minority complaining about his lot, with jusification.
Story Behind the Song:
As East Farewell becomes a larger city problems come with the expanding demographic. This is meant to be played with Slick Rick as a medley.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Rap-Hip Hop
Secondary Genre:
Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Subject Matter 2:
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
1980 - 1989
I've been ripped off and rejected,
needled and neglected,
shelved and selected
as your Minority Male.

Been beaten and bloodied,
understood and buddied,
scrutinized and studied
as your Minority Male.

I've been strung up and trampled,
photographed and exampled,
labeled and sampled
as your Minority Male.

Now I don't like your jokes and your words
And just sometimes I'd like to be heard.
I don't want you daughter or wife
Just a chance
to lead a life of my own.

I've been overlooked and fired,
oversexed and desired,
welfared and rehired
as your Minority Male.

I've been red-lined and reported,
sympathized and supported,
spit on and imported
as your Minority Male.

I've been despised and tokenized,
nullified and demoralized.
It's been stated or implied
that I'm
your Minority Male.

It's so much more than a numbers game.
You really want someone else to blame.
You don't care who fills that space,
'cause you know you can always replace
your Minority Male.

Your Minority Male.