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East Farewell

East Farewell is a collection of songs about a small, northeastern town whose story is told the people that live there.
Different stories give a wide variety views and opinions.
Thought provoking, funny and beautiful.

1 Don't You Wish  
2 The Boarding House  
3 Sweet Natalie  
4 I Can Make you Smile  
5 Medley-The Boarding House/Sweet Natalie  
6 Traveling Salesman Blues  
7 Angry Young Man  
8 Times to Remember Times to Forget  
9 Entre Acte  
10 Welcome to the Real World  
11 Slick Rick  
12 Minority Male  
13 Medley-Slick Rick/ Minority Male  
14 Public Transit Romance  
15 Brand New Lover  
16 You Taught Me How to Fall